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Giant's Seat Scout Camp Site


Can you help us?


This campsite is run by a small dedicated team who are looking for people like you to help out !


If you can paint or can saw, drill or nail wood, or fill holes with plaster, or sand down wood or even if you want to learn … THEN WE NEED YOU PLEASE !!!


There is always a job of work that needs doing in and around the campsite.



Would you like to run a Scout Service Crew at our facility ?



We welcome Scouting Groups from around the country to help us out with the many different type of jobs needed to run this campsite effectively.



We always need help on the camp site. There’s loads to be done and loads of fun to be have with our small but very select team.


Can you run an activity?


We always need activity leaders. Can you run an archery session? How are you at climbing? We always need good leaders to help run activities.


If you would like to join us, or just know more about what is available, please fill out the form (our privacy policy can be found here).


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